The wedding season is already in full swing, and that’s what tempted us for this post:-) Who even once dreamed to experience your wedding as it is shown in American movies? It seems to us that Brides imagine her wedding on the beach, over the lake, in the middle of the forest or surrounded by mountains. We have good news for you! Since last year, it is possible to organize a civil wedding anywhere outdoor. This unfortunately involves additional fees, however, the impression of the invited guests is priceless.


In the previous post, we wrote that it is definitely worth employing a wedding planner and, of course, we remain at the same. In our opinion, professional support is also needed when you only decide on the civil ceremony itself. Organizing a wedding in such an unconventional way carries enormous advantages, but you have to bear in mind that it is a much more complicated and requires more documentation. We definitely have to remember about a much larger number of components, from atmospheric conditions to all logistics.


The biggest advantage of the wedding in the open air is, without a doubt, the possibility of giving it a special character in its own way. This kind of ceremony gives you a free hand in choosing the style and theme of the whole celebration. Nowadays, it often differs from the traditional form of weddings. The celebrations are enriched with various interesting thematic elements, e.g. rustic design, game world or glamor style. What in this case gives the uniqueness of this event is primarily the location itself? However, such simple things as the type of roofing, furniture, lighting or other stage design elements also give an unusual opportunity to show it off.


Without a doubt, outdoor wedding is a big logistical challenge, but in our opinion it is worth taking it. How do you like this form of wedding ceremonies?

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