The wedding day is one of those days that is remembered for the rest of your life. Each of us dreams of it as perfect and unique as possible. Unfortunately, the wedding ceremony and wedding itself is a big undertaking event. Even if you are planning a small ceremony and the guest list is kept to a minimum, it is easy to forget some things during the preparation and easily lose control over others. Therefore, it is worth considering whether it is better to dump this burden from your own shoulders and hire a professional wedding planner. Having a wedding consultant at your disposal will definitely give you priceless peace.

To help you make the decision, here are 10 reasons why you should use the help of a wedding planner and thus make your wedding day one of the most beautiful moments in your life.


1. Support

Wedding consultant is a good support in any situation related to wedding preparations and weddings. He can be a helper and counselor on issues of organization, etiquette, formalities, style, or conflict resolution. A good consultant can handle your wedding dilemmas.


2. Experience and knowledge

The wedding consultant spends a great deal of time exploring the current trends in the wedding market. Every day you will get to know the wedding news and will definitely help you find exactly what you need.


3. Comprehensive organization from A to Z

The cooperation with the wedding organizer starts when you hear your expectations at the first meeting and ends with the last guest after the wedding. Of course, the degree of involvement and cooperation depends on you and can be limited to helping you choose a location, catering company, music team, photographer and host.


4. Budget control

Wedding industry is one of the most expensive one. For couples who have never planned such events before, it may be difficult to determine the rental price for DJ, band or a professional bartender. The wedding consultant will draw up a budget plan for you and will keep an eye on it during preparation period, keeping you informed about what the financial situation is and what you can afford.


5. Collaborate with the best subcontractors

The experienced wedding planner has its proven database of contractors – hotel managers, decorators, florists, photographers, musicians, DJs and more. He works with them and knows which subcontractor will meet your expectations, perfectly matching the character of your celebration.


6. Negotiation skills

Interpersonal skills when negotiating with subcontractors, save time, nerves and earned discounts give you the opportunity to diversify your acceptance by adding surprises.


7. Creativity

A good wedding planner will transform your expectations of celebration, decor, theme into reality.


8. Ability to act under pressure

The work of a wedding consultant is often to deal with a variety of challenges, such as arranging a party in less than two months, settling with subcontractors on behalf of the newlyweds, reacting promptly when the food is cold or even to become a witness. The pressure of time, and such situations are not problem 🙂


9. Time saving

The wedding planner is constantly gathering new information, attending trade fairs, industry conferences, etc. Searching through internet, reading magazines, sending emails, phone calls, bookings, meetings – if you do not have time for those things, you can count on the help of a consultant.


10. Money saving

It is true. The wedding organizer will help you save money and advise you on how to avoid the money fall downs that occur when organizing your event. In addition, thanks to the wedding planner you can get many discounts from proven subcontractors.


And what do you think about it? Wedding organization on your own or with the help of professionals?

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