The year 2018 is already in full swing. As every year, the beginning is very slow, because companies are closing and summarizing the year and setting goals and planning a new year. To our surprise, this year customers started planning their events much sooner. But what will bring us the upcoming season, what are the new trends, changes and what we will pay more attention to? Based on our own observations, we have identified several elements that will dominate the event industry upcoming season.
1. Ecology
Ecological attitudes are not only fashion, but lifestyle. Healthy food, being a fit freak, segregation and recycling, environmental protection, clothing from natural materials, upcycling, or giving the second life of old things are just a few examples of ecological attitudes. Ecology even more often began to appear in the event industry as well. Customers looking for event companies to organize conferences, integration events, outdoor events or marketing events are increasingly focusing not only on fun, but also on the protection of the environment and the promotion of pro-environmental behavior.
As we know, the need is the mother of invention, there are plenty of venues protecting the environment, catering companies serving healthy, natural food based on natural ingredients and local products, companies offering a wide range of fully biodegradable, organic products such as bran dishes as well as those offering various types of ecological workshops. Limiting the use of paper and plastics, minimizing the production of rubbish before, during and after the event, the use of modern technologies are just a few ways to make the organized event more eco-friendly 🙂
2. 2018 FIFA World Cup
The 21st FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia already in June. It will definitely be a month dominated by this discipline, also due to the fact that for the first time in 12 years will be held with the participation of Polish representation. On this occasion, during outdoor events there is the opportunity to oranize special football zones with lots of attractions such as inflatable pitches, radar gates, giant table football, dynamometers or cheerleading dance shows and freestyle football. The promotion of our national team will involve the hearts and minds of millions of Polish fans. Why, therefore, in the special fan zones do not provide them with additional entertainment and the organizers have tools to communicate with the potential target group 🙂
3. Sports competition
As we wrote in the previous entry (read:, not only urban calendars are dominated by various types of sports competitions, but also companies as part of organized company events choose such form of acctivation. Sport events are promoting a healthy and active lifestyle in a accessible way to each participant. Sport events are also an excellent form of employee integration. Joint effort, team and individual competition as well as striving to achieve a goal trigger real emotions. Companies decide not only for football, volleyball and basketball tournaments, but also cycling, running and swimming races, kayaking, regattas and many more. These types of meetings can take place both in summer and in winter, in a rented sports venues, in the company’s headquarters, as cyclical or one-time meetings.
4. Modern technologies
Technological development has become an inseparable element of our lives, and the digital world influences the reality that surrounds us. We perceive this in every field of our lives, also during organized events, more or less standard ones. Modern systems of computer registration or on-line transmissions, augmented reality or holograms. The most modern systems and technologies help to create a huge and spectacular show, at the same time improving the service of participants or enriching the promotion of the product. Once, the task of the events was to attract the attention of the participants, no matter how, today it is about active interaction and involvement of the largest group. It would not have been possible if it were not for the digital opportunities that give us countless possibilities. It is worth following new solutions offered by specialists to be aware and not to be afraid to create!
5. Security
Due to the current situation on the international arena, we predict a significant increase in the requirements in terms of security measures and facilities, because it is becoming an increasingly important factor. This is partly due to the recent terrorist attacks that have recently been targeted at events. It is understandable that this has caused concern among both the organizers and the participants. However, we do not anticipate a crisis in the event industry : However, we will focus more and more on building awareness about the security of events, both larger and smaller ones.
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