Event organization is our passion. We treat each project individually and with the same care and enthusiasm. However, sometimes some slips happen to us as well – in event industry we call it fuck ups. It often happens not because our fault, but higher power. But let’s write about something else 🙂 Below you will find a list of fuck ups you should avoid. When realizing our projects we take care of these points, we hope that you too 🙂


1. Light system

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to organize the event – a conference, an integration event, gala or any other party will confirm the statement that good lighting is one of the most important elements. It is important not only because it creates atmosphere and is a stage design itself, but it allows you to make good pictures of the event. Underexposed or badly lit room makes the execution of good pictures becomes impossible. First of all, be sure to provide adequate lighting scene, which is the center of events, where official speakers talk, where performances take place. Equally important is the architectural lighting and lighting buffets … I think everyone likes to see what is to eat 🙂


2. Sound system

We often hear from sound companies that the chosen venue has poor acoustics and therefore could not hear anything during the conference or concert. In our opinion, there are no bad location, it is only the mismatched equipment to the site. In the era of today’s technology, you can really do everything – just little desire and an individual approach to a specific event and of course the budget! It is impossible to play outdoor event on the same equipment as the conference. That is why when you organize an event in the new location it is so important to see it first with the acoustician.


3. Announcer

The announcer for the event is like a housewife in her home. Therefore, a good brief and briefing just before the event is the key! Obligatory is the knowledge of the client’s industry and participants, speakers and of course the scenario and the characteristics of the event. Providing the necessary information is in our interest so always remember to ensure this.


4. Catering

Unfortunately, none event organizer is able to create such facilities so every participant will handle without queues. What we can do is to minimize the waiting time for a meal. First of all, be aware of the appropriate number of food spots, their location, and a sufficient number of service. In addition, a key role is played by marking support information services. Also, do not forget that the role of the event agency is to ensure that the catering company know the scenario of the event and be able to use it.


5. Weather conditions

The responsibility of an event manager is huge, but he has no effect on the weather conditions (yet) but always need to remember about them and be prepared. I think the biggest nightmare is the sudden bad weather. During one of the biggest Polish Festivals Orange Warsaw Festival under the influence of a strong gust of wind collapsed part of one of the scenes. Luckily, nothing serious happened and after a few hours everything was back to normal. Unfortunately, the organizers of the Belgian festival Pukkelpop were not so lucky, when as a result of strong storm collapsed two scenes which killed 4 people and several dozen were injured …. So always remember – Safety First! There are different ways to eliminate the influence of weather, or example securing a sufficient number of roofs. You can also provide additional raincoats or umbrellas. Tracking the weather forecast before your event may be helpful in the preparation as well 🙂


Maybe you have some of your fuck ups which you would like to share? 🙂

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