There are so many things to remember when organizing events, even a small detail is really important. As an event agency, our job is to ensure that nothing affects the customer’s satisfaction and any mistakes remain unnoticed.
Below are some issues that you should keep in mind during event organization.


Additional costs

During the production of the event, you should always ask what is included in the price, and what is for an additional fee. Taxes on accommodation, transport and drinks can make the cost estimate increase significantly.



The roles and responsibilities should be properly divided, from waiters through technical support to event managers and production managers, so that everyone can perform their tasks efficiently.


Transport and accommodation

When organizing an event, there may be some people from outside the city. Take this into account when planning your event, create a document in which you can place all information related to transport and accommodation.


Contact list

Before the event, send a message to all the people involved and make a list of contacts. If you need to contact someone last minute, this list will definitely simplify the matter.


Additional accessories

You never know when you will need a marker or scissors. Before starting production, make a list and bring everything that could be useful.


Scenario and schedule

Ask someone who is not part of the production team to view the created scenario and schedule. Does it make sense? Is there any important information missing? An independent person can catch something that is unnoticeable for the producer.

The organization of events is a process that combines dozens of moving parts, from catering through artistic, technical and stage design. Being aware of the most often overlooked factors, we will make our work more efficient and stress free.


What do you focus your attention on during organized events?

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