We are getting more and more questions from you about wedding organization and outdoor weddings. You keep on asking about the scenography and theme of the wedding party. We are glad that young couples are willing to choose such a form of organization despite the fact that it requires more work, commitment and sometimes more money (about outdoor weddings you can read in the previous post: www.enterteam.pl/en/outdoor-wedding-a-dream-of-the-bride/).

Below we present selected topics and ideas. We hope it might inspire you while organizing your wedding.



This is an extremely versatile and classic style that will perfectly suit every scene. White, gold, silver and subdued colors are elegant and timeless. Consistency of this style should be preserved primarily in invitations, scenery and furniture. Additionally, in the invitation you can specify dress code for guests. Candles, lanterns and flowers will add an exceptional climate. In this case less means more.


Marine Style

Belts, anchors and other seafarous accents for many seasons reign in both fashion and interior decoration. Recently the marine style is very popular not only on a wedding with sailor. Navy-white tablecloths, sand-filled candlesticks, fishing nets, sailing ropes and wooden anchors will make this an original party. And most importantly, many of these items you can buy on the Internet or just do it yourself. Marine accents can also appear on invitations, gifts for guests, and in photo shoots. Own creative invention is always welcome!


Rustic Style

The rustic theme is perfect for outdoor weddings. If you plan to organize it in the woods, in the park or in the countryside, then the best decoration will be trees and some accessories that will surely charm the guests. The cut trunks of trees will serve as the basis of the lanterns that you can make yourself from jars, twine and moss. Exceptional climate will also add rustic lights suspended between the trees and wild flowers on the tables. Wooden trunks and pallets will also work in this decor. If you add a live violinist or harpist to this romantic setting, everyone will remember this day for a long time.


Arround the world tour

Our next proposal for the wedding theme is “Around the World Tour.” Invitations can be in the form of airplane tickets or maps. Same as signposts and vignettes. It is also worth to use globes, retro suitcases, old atlases – there are many possibilities. This topic gives you many possibilities also in the kitchen. Snacks typical for other countries, such as bruschetta, Mexican tacos, and sushi straight from Japan, may appear on tables.


Great Gatsby

Since The Great Gatsby film won the Academy Award for Best Scenography Design and Best Costume, Gatsby’s style is increasingly being replicated at weddings. The 20s and 30s are an era of style, elegance, glamor and decor. This retro atmosphere can be reproduced by using gold and silver colors, shining materials and crystal elements. Do not forget about flowers, candlesticks, fans, boa and pearls. In addition, you can rent a company that will arrange additional attractions such as a casino, whiskey and cigar tasting, burlesque show or short saxophone show. These will be unforgettable elements of the wedding reception and will help to connect the past with the present.


If any of the themes you have liked and need help organizing your wedding or providing a unique attraction, please contact: “biuro@enterteam.pl

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