In one of the last posts we wrote that from last year in Poland you can organize a civil wedding anywhere in the outdoors. On the one hand, we have more choices of the places, and on the other hand, there are some restrictions that depend on the regulation of the institution responsible for chosen area. This post will be devoted to the solutions offered by some of the coastal towns and important aspects from the organizational and formal point of view.


In Gdynia, there is no such possibility to organize a wedding ceremony on the beach, only in selected places, including on the pier in Orłowo, on the ship and around Nadmorski Boulevard. To organize the ceremony in a chosen place, you must first apply for permission to the landlord, the Road and Green Authority or the Maritime Office, and attach it to the documentation submitted when choosing the date.


A similar situation is in Kolobrzeg, although there is the possibility to organize the wedding on the beach. Remember to include the agreement of the owner of the selected area in the documentation. The Civil Registry Office in Kołobrzeg has specific days and hours during which ceremonies can take place.


In Hel there are no special restrictions. The local Office has no regulations including the place where the wedding is organized. It can be on the beach any other place. There is also no need to apply for permission to the land owner.


At each location, you must remember to have all the important elements, necessary preparing a place for a government official. It is important that all documentation is submitted no earlier than half a year before the chosen date. In the Civil Registry Office, you must appear in person. If the Groom or the Bride is a foreigner, attach additional documents with an official translation.


Wedding organization is a very complicated process, which requires focusing even on the smallest detail, so it is worth to apply for help to the company dealing with it every day 🙂 We recommend ourselves! 🙂

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