Last weekend we had the opportunity to participate in one of the biggest blogging events – See Bloggers 2016. We are always keen to take part in such events and try to get the most out of them, not only from the participant point of view, but above all from the event manager point of view. We were looking forward to interesting workshops, marketing innovations and inspirational figures of the internet world, and … we are not disappointed. The event was a logistical challenge, but the professionalism and high organizational skills of the creators deserve to be honored! Huge congratulations on your success!
There are several elements that we should also mention.


1. Streaming

During all event days, everything could be tracked online from anywhere. For those who came to see the sea and wanted to experience exceptional, nice weather, but were interested in lectures and workshops, it was a great alternative 🙂 Additionally, on the screens, you could follow the participant’s opinions. It was interesting enough to show and drive the participants’ involvement and to present the diversity of webmasters that gave the unique character of this event.


2. Speakers

Definitely worth mentioning is the division into particular zones and the choice of speakers. There were 9 zones to choose from – no doubt each of the participants found something for themselves. In the EDUCATION area, you could gain knowledge in marketing, SEO, law and build your brand image. At FASHION & BEAUTY, we discovered cosmetic and styling inspirations. Blog is not only content, PHOTO & TRAVEL was an opportunity to learn how to capture moments in the lens. Recently close to our heart is physical activity, so congratulations to the organizers that they were not afraid to create such a zone. You can meet various reactions to blood, sweat and tears 🙂


3. Communication

Since the admission to the event, worth mentioning is that there was an interview, the organizers regularly contacted the participants. Nobody had any doubts when and where the conference is taking place. For workshops, for obvious reasons, you were supposed to sign up. Participants received several messages about the date and time of the start and end. The system made it impossible to sign up for parallel activities and limited the number of participants, which is very important from the organizer point of view. This avoids unnecessary mess.


4. Registration

Seeing the queue before entering the venue was a bit scary, but it took only a moment 🙂 It turned out that the registration of participants and release of packets was running very smoothly. It has come to our ears that during the previous edition of See Bloggers 2015 the registration took place the day before, and we would be more inclined towards such a solution, but it follows rather from our distress that we prefer to have registrations to be done as soon as possible:-)


Did you join See Bloggers 2016? We are curious about your opinion 🙂

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