Bearing in mind that the event industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, the organizers must follow the latest trends. Customers are looking forward to new ideas based on exceptional and original scripts. You will probably agree with us that half of the success is a well-chosen location. The Polish market offers many interesting places, from hotels, trade fair complexes, sports facilities and photography and television studios to unusual, surprising architectural spaces such as galleries, museums, clubs and theaters.
In today’s post, we want to show some, in our opinion, exceptional locations, which for a reason are on the world event map.


1. Ice Hotel Jukkasjäroi, Sweden

Jukkasjäroi Hotel is located in a small town 200 km from the Arctic Circle. The hotel has an area of 5,500 square meters and is built from several thousands of tons of ice. In the hotel, practically everything is built from ice: beds, sofas, bar. For a good night’s sleep, the hotel also has traditional rooms at room temperature 🙂


2. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives

This luxurious hotel is known not only for its underwater bedroom, but most of all with its 16-meter underwater restaurant, Ithaa. The kitchen serves local delicacies and European cuisine. This underwater restaurant can accommodate only 14 people so it is suitable for small business meetings for key customers. A coral reef literally would be scenography itself, don’t you think? 🙂


3. Gdansk Shakespeare Theater, Gdansk

The first dramatic theater built in Poland since nearly 40 years, by Italian architect Renato Rizzi, who placed the wooden interior of the building in a heavy brick block. The property has the ability to open the roof in just 3 minutes, giving you many opportunities for events. There are technical solutions such as movable staging system and auditorium so that the theater can accommodate up to 600 people.


4. Narvil Hotel, Serock

The object is located about 40 km from Warsaw on the banks of the Narew River, in a beautiful forest scenery. It offers 670 beds in 332 rooms and 32 conference rooms, the largest of which is over 1600 sq.m. The SPA center is equipped with 11 treatment rooms. The architectural and decor concept offers many event options.


5. Guido Mine, Zabrze

The Guido mine is a unique location that stands out from the rest. Combining industry rigor with modernity lets your fantasy grow in most creative ways. This industrial space allows for the most unconventional events.


6. Alvernia Studio, Nieporac

It is the largest and most modern film studio in Poland. Its unusual design definitely stands out against other locations. It is a great place to hold gala, anniversaries, marketing events or product presentations. For events, it has two domes, each with an area of 2000 m2. In addition, the surrounding of forests, meadows and castles gives exceptional atmosphere 🙂


7. Roundhouse, Londyn

Roundhouse is one of the most astonishing and unique architectural spaces in London, where the view is breathtaking. Depending on the form of the event organized, the facility will accommodate up to 1800 people. The circular balcony over the central space provides a perfect view and also works as a “welcome point”.


8. Eden Project, Cormwall

This is a place that will surprise with its original appearance not even one of the most demanding customer. Eden Project gives you the opportunity to host an event in the world’s largest indoor rainforest. Fabulous scenery, friendly environment, beautiful landscape, aroma of herbs and citrus plants create a spectacular background of the event.


9. American Museum of Natural History, New York

Event in the museum, the most famous museum in the world? Why not! Frankly, we do not need to write much here. The place is unique itself, which makes every event very unique.


10. Artsgarden, Indianapolis

It is an elegant, seven floors high, glass building. Its glazed structure with steel elements creates an interesting industrial atmosphere. This venue is not only perfect for organizing occasional events, but also for corporate events and festive gala dinners.


Maybe you have your favorite places where you organized your events or would you like to organize? 🙂

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