Organizing events is not only our job but also our passion. We try to participate in cultural life in our hometown area. We recently had a chance to see the pre-premiere show “Peter Pan” at the Music Theater in Gdynia. The performance impressed us so much that we decided to share with you our experiences 🙂
Enjoy reading!


This latest production is the creation of outstanding artists – Janusz Józefowicz – the choreographer and director, Jeremi Przybora – the author of the libretto and lyrics and Janusz Stokłosa – the author of the music and also the result of cooperation for many years with the Platige Image studio. This is a story directed not only to the youngest viewers, but adults will certainly find something for themselves as well. “Peter Pan” in a magical and funny way take you into the world of a boy who does not want to grow up.


From our point of view it is a production that shows a completely new dimension of art. It is breathtaking show with its artistic and visual setting. The use of 3D technology allows the viewer to go deeper into the world of child’s imagination. The combination of traditional scenography and 3D projection precisely synchronized, guarantees an amazing effect, high technological quality and freshness and uniqueness of artistic content. Not only 3D technology make the viewer feel as a part of this incredible show, but of course the presence of actors who have decided to go beyond the stage to the ceiling, walls and above all the audience.


Special effects, very impressive stage design, but also the impressive choreography, fantastic music and great costume designs of Dorota Kolodyńska deserve to be recognized. Acting certainly would not have made such a big impact if it were not the children’s roles that literally knocked our knees down.


With full responsibility, we can say that this is one of the best performances that we had ever seen. We highly recommend and encourage you to visit the Music Theater in Gdynia.

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