At the turn of last few years, sports events are definitely dominating in the annual calendar of events in Pomerania region. In 2017, nearly 20% of organized events are sport competitions in various disciplines, e.g. running, nordic walking, cycling or rollerblading, skateboarding, streetball, basketball, breakdance, climbing, swimming, chess, volleyball, badminton, football and many more. There are also combinations such as triathlon or duathlon, also in the indoor version. We had the opportunity to get to know several of them both from the level of the organizer and the participant as well. This entry will be dedicated to sports events that have become a permanent part of the New Year’s goals of professional and amateur participants. It will be a short summary, a subjective assessment and a few personal thoughts 🙂
1. Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia
As part of Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia, qualifications for the IRONMAN 70.3 Series World Championship are held, which places this event as the most important triathlon event in Poland. Over 2,500 athletes took part in it last year’s edition. From the organizer and participant point of view, starting from the logistics through the infrastructure, preparation of routes and the program, including communication with participants we can openly state that it is one of the best sports events. The organizer ensures not only the international level of service and comfort of the competitors, but also the highest level of sport emotions. The main website contains all, literally all information. However, if something is missing, contact with the organizer is flawless.
The next competition is held in the first weekend of August. Gdynia invites for the sixth time the triathletes from all over Poland and the world. We will not miss this time as well! As part of this year’s event, during the whole week before the competition, numerous additional attractions are planned.
2. Prime Food Triathlon Przechlewo
Sport event, in which competitors from all over Poland come to compete once a year. They have the opportunity to face one of three individual distances: 112.99 km; 56.5 km or 28.25 km. Not only the exceptional conditions of the picturesque Kashubia region, but also the perfect organization make you want more. Swimming, cycling and running in offered conditions is a great opportunity both to start your adventure with the triathlon, but also to improve your previous results. Triathlon is not only a race, but also adventure and new acquaintances, meeting people on the route – participants and supporters. What adds uniqueness to the competition in Przechlewo, apart from the sport struggles, the contestants meet the warmth of local residents and unique volunteers who are committed to their work on a national scale. The organizer also took care of a rich artistic program, in which also accompanying persons will find something for themselves.
The sixth edition of Triathlon Przechlewo will take place in the last weekend of August. Crowds of Triheroes will come to take part in sports competition in a unique atmosphere. The organizers, as always, will take care of the exceptional setting and the power of attractions and surprises.
3. Bieg do Źródeł in Gdansk
This event is prepared for lovers of a healthy and active lifestyle. The organizers give the opportunity to both professional competitors and amateurs. Two distances of 3 and 10 km, seaside space, family picnic, many themed attractions, a warm and pleasant atmosphere are just a few advantages of this annual event. As the organizer of last year’s edition, we can openly say that this is a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, but also to intensively build a form for the upcoming season. Rich starter packets, prizes and numerous gadgets are an additional advantage : The event is usually organized in the first days of June, and as it is known the weather can be unpredictibe… but this is no obstacle for the organizer who reacts immidiately!
This year, another edition of Bieg do Źródeł will be held. All details about the event and family picnic are coming soon.
4. PKO Grand Prix in Gdynia
The largest series of street runs in Pomerania. Sport event, which during four competitions, gathers over 20,000 participants. Every year, the organizers take care of the participants’ satisfaction. Based on surveys completed by participants they make changes so that the participation is even more interesting. Last year, four different routes, a dedicated T-shirt, attractive medals, the possibility of one-time registration for all runs and presence of pacemakers – what will surprise us this year?
This year’s run series begins  with Gdynia’s Birthday Run, which will take place on February 17-18. See you at the start line! 🙂
The above-mentioned events are just a few sport events organized locally in Pomerania region. There are more and more of them so it is impossible to know them all. In our opinion, such big interest in this kind of events brings just benefits. Both from the point of view of the organizer and the participant. It not only gives the organizers more work, but also as participants more and more opportunities to test their capabilities. Involvement of participants, fans and organizers creates unique atmosphere. In addition, large and small companies willingly engage in the co-organization or sponsorship of sports events, because it positively affects their PR. Taking care of a good image, acceptance and kindness builds a relationship with a potential group of recipients. If you want to get involved in the organization of sports events, you talk to a professional company. We encourage you to contact: 🙂
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