A well-planned integration event for employees and customers should be characterized by a well-designed action plan that allows everyone to get involved. As an event company, we offer our clients a wide range of attractions, create a comprehensive offer and prepare a detailed program of the event.
We know exactly what aspects should be taken into consideration, in order to ensure that our customers benefit.

Below we present 5 unobvious ideas for successful integration:

SAUNA ON WHEELS – Finnish wood-burning mobile sauna is an interesting proposition for an outdoor event. The sauna can be placed everywhere: by the lake, in the forest or by the river. It is a great idea for participants to take rest e.g. after an exhausting integration program.

CITY GAME it is a popular form of integration, which combines elements of fun and competition. It can be organized on bicycles, in which case participants on two wheels ride with the use of a map or a mobile application. Recently, we have organized a city bike game for Norwood’s Norwegian customers in the Tri-City. The program and attractions were closely related to the client’s industry, which met with great enthusiasm of the participants.

EDUCATIONAL EVENT – educational training combined with an integration of employees? Why not! The event, which brings entertainment and educational content together is an added value. In our offer we have e.g. safety training, fire-fighting training, first aid, safe driving academy. We offer each program individually taking into consideration a place of the meeting, the number of participants and their age.

SURVIVAL RACE is a unique opportunity to experience an adventure in a group of co-workers. It is also a good way to measure own ability to work in a group and test your own strength. Survival race it is fun for those who like to get dirty, because all planned obstructions will force participants to crawl, climb, enter the water and even jump into the ice tank. Emotions guaranteed!

ART EVENT – it is an extraordinary attraction where participants are picked up on an unforgettable journey to culture and art in various forms. Painting, theater workshops, dance art or circus art- those are only a part of the program, which gives unusual experiences.

These are just a few of our proposals. For more, please contact with us.

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