Hostesses  are playing an important role in the success of the event. The quality of the staff, their commitment and professionalism determine how the company is perceived by the participants of the event. Whether it’s a conference, a festive gala, product launch, the role of the hostess does not end with smiling and answering questions. In fact, she becomes a representation of the company and helps build relations with customers.

An ideal hostess is one who knows what to tell, knows exactly the agenda of the event and the venue where the event takes place, but first of all she can react quickly and effectively. She will never say “I do not know”, because it works on the customer like a canvas on the bull 🙂

For several years, our agency has noticed that companies often make mistakes when hiring hostesses. Here you will find some tips how to avoid them.


The image and clothing of the hostess should match the event. During conferences and seminars, a classic elegant dress is usually used, where the hostess looks neat and free to work. If the appearance of the hostess is to fully relate to the character of the event, then the agency job is to find the right outfit. For example, we have provided dresses for Kashubian, western, casino, maritime, board games, and more. It may happen that the client wishes that all girls should look almost identical, have the same height, color and length of hair. Then you should make sure that the hairstyles on the hostess photo is up to date, ask for growth and also the height of heels. Yes, yes … such things happen to us too 🙂

For several years, our agency has noticed that companies often make mistakes when hiring hostesses.



Each event is different and clients have different expectations. When recruiting staff, it is important to provide them with the necessary information about your company and product. What is this event for, who is the customer, who is invited – these are just few questions the hostesses need to know the answer to. A well-prepared brief containing this information and accurate division of tasks is a guarantee that the hostesses will answer questions confidently.



In order to maintain efficient communication between hostesses and client, at least one person should be appointed on behalf of the agency. Supervisor responsible for contact with hostesses. Choosing such a person will not only facilitate contact with the customer, but will also facilitate the work of the hostess – they will communicate with one person, who in turn will have control of the entire team.


Briefing before the event

Briefing before the event is an integral part of every event, and all event managers who are preparing event scenarios know this. It is important to have a thorough discussion during the check-in. The rules of cooperation, duties, breaks and familiarizing the hostess with the plan of the facility where they will work. The failure of the duties and tasks facing hostesses can lead to catastrophe.


Use event agency

In the search for hostess, it is worth to use the services of a hostess agency or event agency, which, apart from organizing events, often provide staff hire services for the event. Every customer who choose to work with such agency has a list of hostesses, models, models, promoters, animators, presenters and coordinators. This allows you to perfectly match the individual to the specifics of the event. Agencies know the needs of the client and employ girls who meet even the most restrictive requirements.


Remember that the hostess can be your business card during the event. Finding the right employees can be a challenge. For more information please contact us at

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