We are an event company from the Tri-City.
The measure of our success is that we listen carefully to our clients and organize events that meet their wildest expectations. Our events permanently fit into the history of companies and remain in the memory of the participants. The scale of the event is not important – for us each one is unique, that’s why we create it professionally and with commitment, which guarantees the success and the satisfaction of their guests.

Marketing events - Enterteam

Marketing events are direct meetings with the brand, product and the offer. This modern form of promotion requires individual solutions, which is why we offer not only logistical support but, most of all, creative event concepts. The scale of events doesn’t matter – as well as in small and mass events we take care of every detail of preparation and implementation

Corporate events - Enterteam

Corporate events are a strong advantage of our offer. We are open to the expectations of our clients. Ability to accurately read them is just the beginning of the cooperation. The next step is the appropriate offer in response to what the client really needs. We try to ensure comfort and freedom of action. Forms of our events are diverse, and our goal is to make them unique and completed in every detail.

Conferences - Enterteam

Conferences are a special category of business meetings. We are a partner for our clients at every stage of the organization – from the concept to implementation. We work for large and small companies and for individual clients as well. Each conference, congress or kick-off meeting is a challenge for us.

Outdoor events

Outdoor events give us endless possibilities of using the character of the venue so that each event is unique and special. In the first place, next to entertainment, we put security. With details, we care about infrastructure and attractions to guarantee the participants’ smile and great fun. Comprehensive service is our specialty!

Gala Dinners and Jubilees

Gala Dinners and Jubilees give an unlimited opportunity for us to organize exceptional events for companies and individual clients. We take care of our events from the beginning to the end, from concept to implementation. We will suggest a perfect venue, prepare agenda and take care of the perfect realization of the event. All this to make the event one of a kind!

Premiery i inauguracje - Enterteam

Product launch gives the opportunity to show our creativity. This is what we like! Premiere of the product or brand is a unique opportunity for us to be a pioneer in innovative solutions and to set new directions for promotion. Nothing is accidental – choosing a venue that emphasizes the brand’s value, program, attractions, even the season of the year! Solutions are exceptional to each product. Atmosphere and emotions – not to be repeated!

Marta Kozłowska

The success of the event is determined by good planning – a clearly defined goal correlated with the target group, a coherent scenario and then professional implementation and attention to detail. The key is the idea. The event must stand out and provide participants with exceptional experiences. Otherwise it will die in the crowd of other events.

Marta Kozłowska

The event is a close meeting of the consumer with the brand and emotions, which are evoked by this meeting with the participants. The sensations must be born unnoticeably and naturally, which is why it is so important to adjust the convention and select the attractions. They must be appropriate for the brand which is being promoted. The memorized logistics should remain completely unnoticed by the participants.

Agnieszka Sągin
Agnieszka Sągin
Integration in Kashubian theme! Upon arrival, the guests were greeted with bread, salt and a glass of local cider. Folk accents were scarves and hats. Decorations such as wooden boxes with apples and pumpkins, metal buckets, watering cans filled with floral compositions, lanterns, wooden coasters, colorful ribbons with white frames creating a unique photo wall, straw sheaves emphasized the atmosphere of the event and the place itself. The whole event was led by the host - a leader in traditional Kashubian attire, who welcomed the guests and led integration games. In the evening the guests could sit together by the fire, bake sausages, listen to live folk music, listen to the stories of a Kashubian storyteller and try snuff. The program also included numerous workshops, tastings, regional delicacies, dances and songs.
For 4 days together with exceptional ladies we celebrated Women's Day. There were many attractions in the thematic zones such as cosmetic treatments, practical advice, free tests and consultations with specialists. Our numerous "brainstorms" at the stage of creating the event paid off and we could follow it in the communication of the largest shopping center in northern Poland.
Recently, we have supported our Client in the organization of special ecological zones. One took place in Forum Gdansk and the other during the Eco Event in Gdansk. As part of the "City on detox" campaign and other educational activities, we co-created workshops under the slogan "Decode plastic". Educational events have power and always make us double! It was an opportunity to learn the secrets of plastic packaging of items that surround us, take a look at home resources and slightly modify our daily habits.