During the celebration of the 8th birthday of Riviera Shopping Centre we took our clients on a unique BIRTHDAY JOURNEY. Participants had the opportunity to take part in a sky-high adventure and win awesome gifts! Our crew invited them to fly  with Riviera Airlines!

Clients were asked to do shopping which allowed them to take part in competition where they could win guaranteed prizes and one of 8 unique main prizes.
The rules were simple:
– fly to the Riviera Shopping Centre on October 16th-23rd,
– make some shopping,
– on October 21-23, submit your proofs of purchase at the Riviera Birthday Terminal,
– make a throw to the Birthday Wall,
– receive awesome guaranteed prizes and take part in the competition for the main prizes!


Riviera Shopping Centre Gdynia


Creation of the event concept, Artistic program, Selection of attractions, Scenography, Providing technical equipment, Logistics, Service

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