Organization of company meetings is still a series of discussions. Does it make sense or maybe better allocate money to employee bonuses. Well, we have organized Christmas events and New Year’s meetings more than once and we believe that nothing makes employees closer as much as participation in such an event. If you want integration, the event should be casual. Traditionally organized conferences and meetings are slowly becoming a thing of the past, people expect something new, but above all they expect a lot of fun.

Below are some aspects that definitely speak for organizing Christmas events, both for employees and customers as well.



Meeting with employees is a great opportunity to summarize last year’s work and the cooperation so far, to present a plan for the coming months. Such a balance sheet during the event will help clarify your expectations and set goals and ways to achieve them.


Bonuses of employees

A formal Christmas meeting in company circle is the perfect moment to give presents to employees. For many years, bonuses and gift vouchers have been repeatedly practiced as Christmas bonuses, but from year to year, the expectations of employees have changed. Increasingly, they count on the creativity of employers and expect more than just financial benefits. We wrote about it here:


Say “Thank You”

Inviting business partners to the Christmas celebration will certainly keep good the relationships and will be a perfect opportunity to discuss further cooperation plans.


The event, where employees feel honored and appreciated is not only an expression of gratitude, but also motivation for further action. Motivation stimulates people … and people stimulate business!



A well-organized company event will not only be an unforgettable experience, but perfect employee integration. And, as you know, a well-integrated team is a good investment of the company, which is why investment in employee integration is so important.


What is worth remembering?

When deciding to organize company Christmas party and a New Year’s meeting, remember to keep them in a casual formula. No one should feel tense and stressed. The atmosphere depends both on the bosses and on the employees.

Another important thing is to give the organization of the event to an experienced event company. They will take care of every detail and keep it at the highest level.

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