One of the biggest challenges for event manager is the actual process of writing an offer. Creative, original to the point, and of course meeting the expectations of the client. Every event organizer wondered if there is a recipe for how to write a good offer? Unfortunately, not, but there are some rules that will help you make an offer the closest customer expectations – below are a few tips 🙂


1. Analize the brief and ask for details

Customers inquiries run off in different forms. Some are more specific other a little less. It is important to always carefully read each brief and clarify by asking additional questions. After all, who asks not stray 🙂


2. Get to know the client – mission, goals, values

Before you get started on offer – the concept, objectives and targets refer to the profile of the customer. Knowledge of the mission, values and marketing can be very helpful. It allows targeting on the aspects that are most important to the customer.


3. Ask about the conception of previous events

Be sure of asking what events so far have been organized. Every customer likes when the event is exceptional, unique and not reproducible. The main goal of event agency is to surprise the customer, present the offer with the unparalleled solutions.


4. Find the perfect venue – check the location before sending an offer

Unfortunately, what in the web seems to be beautiful, in fact, may not be. If you offer the customer a new location, which you have not seen yet it is best to go to check it first. Not once or twice we heard about the situation, the client is decided on the location, which had never seen (and the organizer as well) and just before the event, it turned out that it is in a very bad condition.


5. Give choice

There are no bad ideas, there are only different tastes. We have no influence on what others like that is why the solution is to take into account also alternative proposals so that the client have a choice. Usually the decision about choosing an offer make a team so we have a better chance that someone interested in our proposals.


Maybe you have some of your magical ways to write the perfect offer? 🙂

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